Founder's Work History

System Engineer (1999-2005) IBM Japan, Osaka and Tokyo

  • AIX system administratoration
  • Java programming
  • Project management

Web Developer (2004-2006) Startup Companies in Berkely, CA

  • Web designing, developing
  • Localization of web applicaiton

Project Manager (2006-2007) Tokyo, Japan

  • Worked as a project managemer of translator teams

Project Manager/ Translator (2009-2010) STARC (Joint Venture) Yokohama, Japan

  • Worked as a technical Translatior/Interpretator for a semiconductor joint venture

Founder Studio Libero (2011-) Yokohama, Japan to Kirkland, WA

  • Desiging/developing websites
  • Clients include non-profit organization, local businesses, startup companies, sole proprietors, medical clinics etc.